Inter- Schools Poetry Competition

In the autumn of 2015, we gave schools across Essex the opportunity to take part in an inter-school poetry competition.

We awarded top 10 places who received certificates and a £25 book voucher each, and from these a top 3 who received awards.

Winners can be seen below.

The Top 3 winning poems can be read on the following pages.

School Pupil Name Pupil Year WINNERS
Cherry Tree Primary School Bethany Year 3 Top 10
Greensted Junior School Group entry: Frankie Curran, Chevy Quirey, Tom Holland, Grace Collins, Ellie Morgan and Blaine Harding Year 5 Top 10
Philip Morant School and College Douglas Tenniswood Year 10 1st place
  Georgia Lockerbie  Year 11 Top 10
The Sweyne Park School Owen Barratt Year 7 2nd place
Anna Wilson Year 8 Top 10
Lucy Wilkinson Year 9 Top 10
Holt Farm Junior School Elizabeth Ware Year 4 Top 10
St Nicholas CofE Primary School Ronnie Year 2 Top 10
Freshwaters Primary Academy Kya Andreou Year 6 3rd place



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