1st Place Winner – Douglas Tenniswood

Colchester WW1

Colchester is where the soldiers train,
Now ready for the Belgium plains.
Hundreds sent back to Saffron Waldon,
The military hospital can barely hold them.

Men laid out on hospital beds,
Sheets stained with different shades of red.
Meanwhile in towns prices keep getting higher,
There is propaganda everywhere; leaflets, posters, flyers.

Among letters of debts with high costs,
There was a bayonet charge.
Now my father is lost,
And the dead are being taken back by barge.

Occasionally seeing zeppelins pass,
Followed by random, sudden blasts.
What is left of the family hits the deck,
The neighbourhood is being wrecked.

The weather is no longer over cast,
Novemeber ’18 when the war finally passed
The country can be left in peace,
To remember the now deceased.

Douglas Tenniswood Year 10
Philip Morant School and College