Submission details

We are pleased to announce just under 50 schools from across the county have signed up to take part in this inter-school competition.

Please see below details of how the competition will run, be judged and prizes for individuals and your school  – feel free to contact  if you have any further queries.

The submission date for the competition is Friday 23 October 2015
Schools are invited to one entry per year group – these can either be individual, group or class entries. Entries must be focusing on the World War I and should link to life in Essex, or an Essex event within this period.

Shortlisting and prizes
Contemporary poet Luke Wright (who was commissioned to write the Now the Last Poppy has Fallen poems will be judging the competition.

Every student who takes part will receive a Now the Last Poppy Has Fallen poetry competition certificate.

Luke will be selecting one winner per year group – for example there will be a winner for year 6, year 5, year 4…etc. The winning students from each year group will win £25 in book voucher. Schools will be notified the week commencing the 2nd November if a student from their school has won.

Out of these winners the top three entries will be selected (who in addition to their book voucher) will win a half day workshop with Luke Wright for their school and an inter-schools poetry competition trophy.

These half day workshops can be arranged with Luke at a time suitable for your school and can be for a whole class, or smaller groups. Luke would also be happy to formally present the award to the school as part of an assembly should your school wish where the pupil and or Luke could read the poem to the school.

Please see the Now the Last Poppy Has Fallen Education Pack containing information about poetry and Essex through World War I.

We hope you will find these useful in the lead up to submitting your competition entries.

*Please note: As this is part of the Last Poppy HLF funded project we will reserve the right to publish these poems for non-commercial gain.