‘Blood’ from the Poppy 2

21 July – 04 September 2016

Essex Regiment Museum, Chelmsford Museum, Essex. UK


Nabil Ali 1

‘Blood’ from the Poppy’ is an art installation that commemorates people across the world who’s ancestors were affected by the destructive force of World War One. It exhibits a found object dated 1916 similar to those used in the fields of the ‘Battle of the Somme’, and has been made into conceptual art combined by poppy ink produced using a fourteenth century old German and Latin ink recipe.

This exhibition looks deeply into the journey of the object from the factories where it was manufactured, worker stamps and processes that tell the story of the production line and standards, with information on the artillery gun that finally fired it across into enemy territory. The hidden detail reveals a lost world that is captured through images and objects with echoes of a distant blood stained past.

Nabil Ali 2


Oaklands Park, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford, Essex. CM2 9AQ

Tel: 01245 605700

Opening Times: Mon–Sat 10-5pm / Sun 1–4pm



Creative Practitioner

Essex, United Kingdom



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