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Welcome to the Now the Last Poppy has Fallen education resource page.

This information page will take you through the different education resources that focus on Essex during the First World War. Exploring these help your class develop their understanding of life during the First World War in Essex through the Now the Last Poppy Has Fallen project.

In addition to this we have also listed some WWI paid school sessions and loan boxes that the Essex Record Office, Chelmsford Museum and the Police Museum run which might be of interest to you.

Resource 1: Now the Last Poppy Has Fallen exhibition
Resource 1 contains PDF images of the Now the Last Poppy Has Fallen Exhibition. Volunteers from across the county gathered information from their local libraries and archives to create information banners on their local area during the First World War.

We suggest that you explore the following topics with your class:

The Special Constabulary

Zeppelin raid on Braintree

Charles Fryatt

Conrad Mason

Zeppelin Crash of Little Wigborough

Hebert Columbine

Zeppelin Raids

Essex Women At War

At present, twenty-one banners have been created in total which you can look through and pick out material for your wartime poem. This exhibition is currently touring across libraries and museums.

Resource 2: Now the Last Poppy Has Fallen poetry anthology
Resource 2 contains an anthology of wartime poetry (PowerPoint) and accompanying teachers notes containing information and suggested tasks for you and your class to explore (word document).

As the poems and task level in this resource vary teachers should select the pieces and tasks that are most suitable for their students.

Now the Last Poppy has fallen – Poetry Anthology PowerPoint

Now the Last Poppy has fallen – Poetry Teachers Notes

Resource 3: The Essex Record Office

Free online resource pack: Essex at War, 1914-1918
The online pack focuses on documents held in the Essex Record Office about Essex during the First World War. It consists of notes and a PowerPoint presentation containing images of each of the sources referred to which can be used in several ways.

These teachers’ notes contain information on each of the sources, and suggested activities for Key Stage 3, History, Citizenship, English and Food Technology lessons.

While aimed at Key Stage 3 these resources provide some fantastic local history knowledge accompanied with images of primary resources. We recommend teachers from all Key Stages take the time to view these, especially for sections that are covering WWI in Essex to obtain further local knowledge. For example if you are focusing on Zeppelin Raids in Resource 1 why not also explore:

  • Resource 8: Photograph of bomb damage in Southend
  • 13 Resources 9 & 10: Photographs and fragments of Zeppelin L33 14
  • Resource 11: Burial of the crew of Zeppelin L32 14
  • Resources 12 & 13: Eyewitness accounts of the crash of Zeppelin L32 15

Workshop: Essex during the First World War (KS 2/1)
This interactive workshop includes activities based on documents, images and film from the Essex Record Office to investigate a range of aspects of life in Essex in 1914-18, including recruitment and volunteering, women at work, Zeppelin raids, and children during the war.

Duration: 1hr 15minutes
Cost: £125 for the first session; £90 for subsequent sessions on the same day
To book please contact or 033301 32500

Resource 4: Essex Police Museum

Loans Boxes: WW1 (KS 3/2)
Schools can borrow original police equipment for interactive learning, delivered to and collected from your school. Boxes come with an information pack full of facts and activities for you to use in the classroom.

World War 1: To commemorate the First World War cases contain objects, laminated photos and documents relating to the home front, policing and the Special Constabulary.

Duration: a half term
Costs: £35 which includes free delivery and collection to your school – on specified dates (dates TBC)
To book: call 01245 457150 or email
Free online history notebook publication: L33 Zeppelin crash in 1916

The ‘Somewhere over Essex: The Zeppelin Raids on Essex’ publication by Inspector Martyn Lockwood gives an account of the L33 Zeppelin crash in 1916 focussing on the special constable roles.

Workshops: WWI related craft workshops

Essex Police Museum run two craft activities based on the L33 crash display in the museum:

The first is a workshop on how to make a Zeppelin and the second is to make a Special Constables medal / badge craft. Please call the Essex Police Museum directly for more information about these workshops; 01245 457150 or email

Resource 5: Chelmsford Museums

Workshops: WW1—The Great War (KS 3/2/1)
This Chelmsford Museums session is split into two parts ‘World War I’ and ‘Women and war’.

The World War I section of the session explores ‘What was it like to be a soldier going off to fight in the First World War, giving students a chance to try on a soldiers’ uniform and equipment to see how heavy it was. As well as handling real artefacts such as helmets, grenades, shells, and even some genuine barbed wire.

Women and war looks into ‘What happened to women and the people left at home?’ Exploring how overnight women went from being full-time housewives and mothers to working in the factories and on the land. As the war dragged on, they had to cope with bereavement and eventually husbands who returned a different person as a result of their experiences.

Duration: 90-120 minutes
Cost: £100 per class session
To book please contact: Yvonne on 01245 605708 or

WWI Loans box
Chelmsford Museums have a ‘great war’ loan box available – do contact the museum directly if you would like further information about this service.

Duration: For a half term
Cost: £30
To book please contact: Yvonne on 01245 605708 or

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