Colne Engaine War Memorial Project

Written by Spike Townsend, CEWM Chairman

The village of Colne Engaine in North Essex have commenced a community based project to build a War Memorial within in the village to be completed in time for the 100th Anniversary of the First World War.

Designed by local architect, Philip Morphy, the memorial will include the original war memorial.

Designed by local architect, Philip Morphy, the memorial will include the original war memorial.


The memorial project has several aims:

  1. To be a community based project in design and build
  2. To become a focal point for the village to commemorate Remembrance Sunday
  3. To become a community use facility throughout the year
  4. To be built on a theme of Remembrance and Reconciliation
  5. To encourage the participation and support of young people within the aims.
  6. To support a local military covenant by use and participation in local service charities.
  7. Encouraging education and learning of conflict.

The cost of the project is estimated to be in the region of £25,000.

The committee is formed of village representatives from the Parish Council, Parochial Church Council, Youth Club, Historical Society and others, and our Honorary President is Lt Col Paul Morris, CO of 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regt.


A group of residents have formed a Committee with the objective of renovating the old memorial beam that was removed in 1962, and then raising it to be incorporated within the new memorial that is to be located in the Parish Recreation Ground so that residents can use it as a place of quiet contemplation and for general community use.

The memorial has been designed by local architect, Philip Morphy, who has given his services free of charge to the committee.

We would hope that the structure will be used not only by parents and children using the playground, but by the school as an outside classroom when discussing the war and conflict. It could also be used as a small band stand for small concerts.

We have had a great deal of support from local trades people, including bricklayers and carpenters, keen to be involved and give their services free of charge. Skilled artisans are also involved in the creation of the new memorial plaque. The structure will be built using locally sourced materials.

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Here you can follow one of our regular features, “The Men of Colne Engaine”  which tells the stories behind the men named on the memorial.

The story made the local press.


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